Iranian regime media react nervously to WikiLeaks documents on Iraq

The Iranian regime’s media are suggesting that thousands of documents recently revealed on Iraq were revealed by the US government itself and harbor an intention to pursue certain ends against the clerical regime.

The documents were made public last week by the website WikiLeaks and include many reports that chronicle the Iranian regime’s destructive meddling in Iraq, including its involvement in the commission of war crimes, assassinations, and torture by militias and Iraqi security forces affiliated with the regime. The evidence also pointed to the role of the government of Nouri al-Maliki in the torture and murder of many Iraqi citizens.


In reaction to the revelations, the state-run Fars news agency, affiliated with the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said, “It seems that publicizing such information is a fabrication by the US government to divert public opinion and disseminate big lies around the world that the US considers to be ‘confidential facts.’”

Another media outlet said, “In many instances, it is alleged that there is solid evidence regarding the role of the IRGC in murders, kidnappings, and bombings in Iraq.”

Some news agencies tied to the faction of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei also seemed to take on a worried tone, saying that evidence in the documents point to the role of the Iranian regime in crimes committed in Iraq.

The state-run Raja News, said, “The documents publicized by WikiLeaks include numerous reports and clear cases where the IRGC and especially the Qods Force are accused of training Shiite Iraqi militias and smuggling weapons, rockets and sophisticated hand-made bombs.”

“These documents allege that the Qods Force has in collaboration with the Lebanese Hezbollah trained Iraqi Shiite militias at a base near Qom, and either killed or kidnapped some Iraqi officials and American soldiers,” Raja News added.

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