Iranian regime media: PMOI (MEK) to stir tension in election

NCRI– The Iranian regime state-run media reported on Saturday that the main Iranian opposition group the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) “is hatching different plots… to create tension during the election time in June.”

The state-run Fars news agency said the members of the movement who had created “tumult in Iran during the 2009 presidential election are now trying to find new ways to repeat the same events during the June voting. “

“In pursuit of the same goals, the members have been asked to make use of all means, including social networks, websites and weblogs, to incite conflicts in the Iranian society before the election.”

The PMOI “played a major role in the post-election unrests in Iran in 2009,” the report added.

Another report by the same outlet on Sunday reflected fears expressed by Ramin Mehamnparast, former Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman and a candidate for sham election, about activities by the supporters of PMOI in the run up to elections.

“The PMOI has left no stone unturned to prevent a huge turnout in the forthcoming presidential election in June,” he said.

The reports by Iranian regime’s media comes as anti-regime graffiti, posters and leaflets are appearing across Iran sharply ahead of the June sham presidential election.
Slogans criticizing the elitist rulers being spread by supporters of the PMOI (MEK) are appearing across cities in public paths, subway stations, parks, and pedestrian bridges.

Many read ‘Vote to overthrow the regime’, ‘Spoil the mullahs’ elections’, ‘Down with the principle of Velayat Faqieh’, ‘Viva National Liberation Army of Iran’, ‘Down with Khamenei, Viva Rajavi’ and ‘Our president is Maryam Rajavi’.

The activities are continuing despite intensive security measures in place to avoid a repeat of the massive public uprisings during the 2009 election.
The videos and photos of such activities has been widely distributed on the internet.

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