Iranian regime joint chiefs chairman worried about protests

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian regime’s armed forces reacted with fear to the possibility of renewed popular protests and uprisings, warning that the regime will confront those who seek to “shatter the foundations” of the theocracy.

Hassan Firouzabadi revealed the existence of a new suppressive campaign dubbed “Social Transformation” in a speech to a number of senior commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

According to the state-run Fars news agency on Tuesday, Firouzabadi said of the suppressive campaign, “This is in fact a coordinated effort to stabilize the country because people want social security. And the foundation for such security is created through a social transformation.”

“The armed forces,” he added, “must do their utmost to prevent people from abandoning principles, so that a psychological and social security can be created for individuals, families, educational institutions and investors.”

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