Iranian regime is killing its rivals in Iraq, former Iraqi PM

NCRI – The Iranian regime is killing and removing its opponents in Iraq as it imposes its control over the country’s government, the former Iraqi prime minister Dr Ayad Allawi has said.

Dr Allawi told Iraq’s al-Taqeer TV on Wednesday: “The problem is not only Mr Maleki’s policies. The problem is actually the Iranian regime taking advantage of the political arena in Iraq. The Iranian regime has turned into the decision maker in Iraq.

“Iran removes and eliminates whoever it wants and kills whoever it wants… This is the truth of the matter, and the facts are beyond doubt.

“Also, the political process in Iraq is based on politically sectarian lines and the elimination of rivals.”

Dr Allawi also blamed the United States for failing to ensure the freedom of the Iraqi people or their ability to engage in the political process.

Other nations were also to blame for standing by as Iraq ‘disintegrated’, allowing Iran free rein to take control of the country, he said.


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