Iranian regime intelligence ministry threatens Iraqi journalists supporting Ashraf

The Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry and its embassy in Baghdad have threatened Iraqi journalists who support the main opposition members in Camp Ashraf, near Baghdad.

A prominent Iraqi journalist, Safi al-Yaseri, has revealed that he received threatening letters from regime agents, decrying his support for Iranian opposition members in Ashraf, and telling him that a legal case against him “is going through the initial stages of evidence gathering.”

Previously, the Iranian regime’s new ambassador, Hassan Danaifar, threatened Iraqi figures on his first day in office that anyone who accuses the Iranian regime of meddling in Iraq will be prosecuted in Iraqi courts.

In their letters to Iraqi journalists, the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry agents claim that they “will soon” hand over CDs full of evidence against the journalists to Iraq’s criminal court.

Mr. Yaseri has written an open letter to the Iranian regime’s ambassador in Baghdad, who is a well-known commander of the terrorist Qods Force, saying, “I am confident that you are behind the latest threatening letters sent to me.”

“When you see that the bubble of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader’s power has burst even in the mind of an old Iraqi man, you get scared. When you see that an Iraqi stands firm and tells you to get out of Iraq, I can imagine what kind of pressure and vengeance you feel ?inside. …”

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