Iranian regime intelligence agent identified in Germany, according German weekly

The German weekly Focus revealed in its latest issue on July 26 that the German intelligence agency has identified an agent of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, “Arhan R,” who was involved in espionage against the main opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), ending the operative’s activities.

According to the weekly, “Arhan R. used to send first-hand reports about the Iranian opposition group PMOI and leftist groups. But, according to an analyst, all the information was meant to be misleading.”

Focus weekly adds, “The MOIS, the mullahs’ suppressive apparatus, continues to target opposition forces residing in Germany. There are information in these documents about operations that will continue to remain confidential. The case of Arhan R. is one of them. He misled several secret agents. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the city of Cologne has discovered that the said individual met with several Iranian regime operatives after meeting with Potsdam’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution.”

It is worth noting that security services in European countries have repeatedly stated that the most important mission of the Iranian regime’s espionage activities is the vilification of the PMOI and divulging misleading information about the organization while setting the stage for carrying out terrorist operations against the mullahs’ opponents.

On this basis, the European Union has in a resolution called on national governments to expel and prevent the entry of the Iranian regime’s agents to Europe.

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