Iranian regime fails to recruit Ashraf residents’ families

Psychological torture of residents by mullahs’ agents only possible with Iraqi forces support

Failing to recruit families of PMOI members residing in Ashraf, the Ministry of ?Intelligence and Security (MOIS) of the clerical regime continues its dirty campaign of ?psychological torture of Ashraf residents through a few professional agents with full ?support of a committee within the office of Iraqi Prime Minister tasked with ?suppression of Ashraf residents.


The psychological torture of Ashraf residents is widely loathed inside Iran to the ?extent which the MOIS is not able to recruit families of the residents as its agents for ?this purpose. On Saturday, October 16, the Iranian embassy in Baghdad in ?conjunction with the PM office committee were forced to send back eighteen ?individuals to Iran who had been lured to go to Iraq to see their children and relatives ?in Ashraf. ?

These individuals were taken to Ashraf entrance and when they realized that they ?were falsely promised to see their children they protested and asked to return to Iran. ?While at the entrance they found out that the aim of MOIS was to get them involved ?in the campaign against the PMOI and their own relatives in Ashraf and neither the ?regime nor the Iraqi government would allow them into Ashraf or let them see their ?children. Faced with their protest, they were taken to Baghdad and subsequently to ?Iran in less than 24 hours after their arrival. ?

Therefore, the agents who were dispatched by MOIS to Ashraf entrance disguised as ?families of the residents for the past nine months are in fact only 5-6 professional ?agents who are threatening the resident with death, expulsion and extradition. They ?have been using 62 powerful loudspeakers and have the full support of Iranian ?embassy in Baghdad and the Iraqi forces. Recorded tapes with abuses against Ashraf ?residents are often played through the loudspeakers. They are mainly recorded and ?sent from Tehran. The professional MOIS agents include Mostafa Mohammadi, ?Soraya Abdollahi and Ahmad Hajari. ?

Escalation of psychological torture, setting up new armed watch posts, and tightening ?the 22-months-long inhumane siege on Ashraf, altogether amounts to a down ?payment to the Iranian regime simultaneous with Maliki’s visit to Tehran. The trip to ?Tehran is intended to compensate Maliki’s widespread failure to attract domestic and ?regional support for his second term as prime minister. ?

On October 12, the Iraqi forces prevented the entry of some medical supplies, even ?special mattresses and wheelchairs for terminal cancer patients, medical socks, ?spectacles, and dental prosthesis.?

On October 16, websites affiliated to MOIS disclosed the clerical regime’s role in ??“setting up several new posts in different locations of Ashraf.” In order to justify ?preplanned attack against Ashraf residents on the following day (October 17), they ?released fabricated reports saying, “We must expect PMOI’s attempt to engage the ?Iraqi force and attack them in a near future.” ?

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 19, 2010?

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