Iranian regime concerned about more pressures on its shipping industry

The Iranian regime has said that extensive sanctions on its shipping by various ?countries violate the Maritime Labor Convention, revealing its fear and concerns about ?the widening scope of such sanctions.?

According to the state-run ILNA news agency on Monday, Ahmad Foroughi, the ?Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs, has confirmed that the Iranian regime’s ?shipping industry is faced with a multitude of challenges at Belgium’s Anthrop Port. ?

?“Currently, we are faced with some UN sanction resolutions regarding our country, and ?moreover, some other countries have also imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran. If these ?unilateral sanctions were to be completely implemented, Iranian maritime workers will be ?facing some problems.”?

Ships used by the Iranian regime for purposes in line with its nuclear program are the ?subject of the latest UN sanctions, and other countries are obligated to avoid dealing with ?such ships.

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