Iranian regime “cannot swallow Iraq”: Allawi

The Iranian regime cannot “swallow” Iraq, Dr. Ayad Allawi, the leader of the Iraqiya List said in an interview on Sunday.

The former Prime Minister also talked about protests in Iraq in an interview with Alsumaria TV. He said the change of the Iraqi government through the ballot box is a legitimate demand.

“The government tried to prevent people from protesting even though this government was established on the basis of democracy and elections. So, in principle, it shouldn’t be afraid of anything. But, if a government is doing all the wrong things and is unable to govern, shouldn’t it be afraid?”

Allawi added that the Iraqi government is “definitely” afraid of the developments in the Middle East.

With regards to the government’s refusal to comply with previous political agreements, he said, “With every passing day, I come to believe that they are not serious about pluralism and are moving in the path of monopolizing power.”

Dr. Allawi said he regrets negotiating with forces that wanted to forcefully circumvent electoral rights. “We agreed to abandon our electoral rights,” he said.

The Iraqiya coalition won the elections in March 2010.

“The Iranian regime in particular demanded that I should be marginalized,” he said.

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