Iranian regime cannot be reformed: former diplomat

The vice consul of the Iranian regime’s consulate in Milan, who recently defected, said in an interview that the Iranian regime cannot be reformed.

According to Reuters, Ahmad Maleki is the latest in a string of officials to defect from the Iranian regime.

In an interview with Reuters, he said, “In the course of the past 32 years the sole objective of the regime has been to retain power.”

“They are willing to … resort to whatever measure, including slaughter and bloodshed to the extreme in order to retain power.”

“It may take a while and the people have a tough road ahead, but they will ultimately triumph because they are demanding democracy.”

He added, “We have now reached the conclusion that this regime cannot be reformed and cannot embrace reform even from the clerics themselves.”

“The leading clerics are under pressure, like all the people, social groups and sectors.”

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