Iranian regime callously prevents burial of executed political prisoner

Fearing a backlash by the Iranian people, the clerical regime has prohibited the burial of former political prisoner Ali Saremi, refusing to transfer the body to his family.

Mr. Saremi, 62, was executed by the Iranian regime in an inhumane act on Tuesday at Tehran’s notorious Evin prison.

According to obtained reports from inside Iran, after Mr. Saremi’s family referred to Evin prison to inquire about the body, prison agents referred them to the so-called Kahrizak detention center (also known as Kahrizak death camp).

While at Kahrizak, the family was initially not allowed to enter the detention center, but after waiting for several hours and repeated inquiries, they were told that they had to bring a letter from Evin prison.

The regime’s cruelty, however, did not end there. Following the family’s inquiries, agents from the mullahs’ Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) went to Mr. Saremi’s home and threatened the family that the body cannot be buried and that the family must stop asking about it.

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