Iranian regime assigns its agent to send letters and meet with religious and political figures in Iraq to conspire against Ashraf

The Iranian regime has assigned its agent, Nafe Issa, to write to Iraqi religious and political figures and meet with them as the head of “Coordinating Council of Committee in Support of Families staging sitting in Ashraf.” This is aimed at possibly winning their collaboration with the regime and take part in plots against PMOI members in Ashraf.

This follows the failure of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and terrorist Qods force in their aggression on January 7 against Ashraf residents.

The letter ridiculously accuses Ashraf residents of involvement in suppression of Shaabaniya uprising and supporting Al-Qaeda. The letters are entirely prepared by the MOIS in similar formats and texts on letterheads entitled “Support Committee for Families staging sit-in at the entrance of New Iraq Camp (formerly Ashraf Garrison).” They are signed by Nafe Issa and sent away.

Nafe Issa, who organized the January 7 aggression on Ashraf, went to Iran the following day in a trip arranged by Qods force. In this trip, 17 other agents accompanied him under the pretext of an Iraqi trade delegation. They entered Iran through Mandali border and went to Kermanshah, west of Iran. Nafe Issa left the rest of the delegation and went to Tehran to report to Agha Mohammadi, a terrorist Revolutionary Guard. He was given new instructions in this trip after summarizing the January 7 aggression and the embarrassment it created for the regime. (Refer to statement by NCRI Secretariat on January 13)

Nafea Issa’s contacts at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad are Nasseri and Alireza Nowbakht both of whom are agents of MOIS and Qods force. During 2010 Nafe Issa carried out several assignments against Ashraf residents that cost over 600,000 USD. At the beginning of 2011 for new assignments 120,000 USD has been allocated by the Iranian regime, 50,000 USD of which has already been paid to Nafe Issa. 

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 5, 2011

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