Iranian regime ambassador in Iraq injured at checkpoint

The Iranian regime’s ambassador in Iraq was attacked and injured at a checkpoint in Baghdad on Tuesday, according to Radio Nava.

Hassan Danaifar, who is also a known commander of the Iranian regime’s terrorist Qods Force, was traveling through a checkpoint in the middle of Baghdad on Tuesday along with his convoy, but was assaulted by several people and injured.

The radio added that the checkpoint was closed as Danaifar’s convoy was going through it and his guards protested against security agents. As a result a fight broke out between the two sides.

Following the incident, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki promptly visited Danaifar and ordered the creation of a committee to probe the incident.

The Iranian state-run Mehr emphasized Maliki’s rushed response to the incident, saying the “Prime Minister of Iraq has created a committee to probe this suspicious move by Iraqi agents.”

But Mehr tried to play down the incident saying it was the result of a falling pole at the site, which damaged several cars.

Danaifar was injured, it said, but remains in stable condition.

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