Iranian Quds force decide on the type and number of terrorist attacks in Iraq

Following a series of explosions in Iraq on Monday, Major general Geoffrey Buchanan, seniour official spokesman for U.S. Forces in Iraq, announced: Decision on the number and type of attacks by militia are made and adopted by Quds forces in Iran.

According to Associated Press August 16th, seniour official spokesman for U.S. Forces in Iraq said: Iranian-backed militia, far ahead of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists, are the most dangerous threat to Iraq.

 The French News agency also reported on August 16th: Major General Geoffrey Buchanan said that America has recently had air strike against Iranian-backed militia.

The French News agency  added: Confirmation of the air strike, emphasizes the warning by U.S. Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, who during his last visit to Baghdad said U.S. Forces are ready to counter against Iranian-backed insurgents.

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