Iranian popular protests a fixture so long as the mullahs rule, official warns

NCRI – A senior-ranking member of the Iranian regime’s parliament warned other officials that popular protests against the clerical regime will remain as a permanent political phenomenon as long as the regime holds power.

Kowsari, a Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee in the mullahs’ Majlis (Parliament), referred to popular uprisings by the Iranian people as “sedition” and added, “The sedition is not specific to today or yesterday, but as long as the Islamic Republic ?exists, these seditionists will not abandon their actions against the establishment.”


Kowsari pointed to the comments by the mullahs’ Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, and said, “The Leader warned that people should not forget about the sedition, because the enemy can strike again in different forms and at any time.”

Kowsari made a veiled reference to the deeply rooted popular angst and opposition to the regime in Iranian society and said, “There is a long precedent and the enemies of Islam have been planning various plots to harm the Islamic Republic since the very beginning.”

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