Iranian opposition says Mideast democracy requires overthrow of Iranian regime

PARIS, Feb. 26 (EFE) – The opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said today that a prerequisite for the consolidation of democracy in Arab countries is the fall of the Iranian regime.

The President-elect of the Paris-based organization, Maryam Rajavi, said, “The path towards a democratic and peaceful Middle East must go through regime change in Iran,” without which, in her view, “stability in the region would not be possible. “

At a conference discussing prospects for Iran, the opposition leader said, “If Western governments want to play a positive role in Middle Eastern history, it is essential to modify their policies.”

“They have to go from friendship with the religious fascism to friendship with the Iranian people. The most important step is to recognize the Iranian resistance,” she told an audience applauding her.

Rajavi said that international sanctions against the theocratic regime are not enough and proposed “prohibition of oil sales and for western intelligence services to cut ties” with their Iranian counterparts.

She warned the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq to “be mindful” of Islamic fundamentalism, because their struggle, she said, would “not bear fruit if it is not protected from fundamentalism.”

Rajavi also regretted that the United States and Europe have based their policy towards Iran “on complacency with the Iranian regime, claiming that this is needed to avoid the expansion fundamentalist.” This policy, she said, “supported regional dictatorships.”
“The life of these dictatorships has been extended by two factors,” said the opposition leader:

“the existence of the Iranian regime as the epicenter of fundamentalism and the absolutely wrong policy of the U.S. and Europe,” she said, “which blocks the path of change in Iran.”
She stressed the need to establish democracy in Iran, and said that “the end of fundamentalism is possible,” and “active participation of women is necessary.”

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