Iranian Intelligence Minister orders Maliki to plunder PMOI’s properties in Camp Ashraf

The pictures shows T-walls that later were removed by the Iraqis to leave the residents with no protection against rocket attacks
NCRI – According to information received from within the clerical regime in Tehran, the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Minister Haydar Moslehi, in his trip to Iraq and during his meeting with Maliki has ordered him not to permit “PMOI to use their property as a pretext to remain in Iraq” and that their “property should be entrusted to a lawyer” so that “a listing could be prepared”.

Entrusting property to an Iraqi lawyer has been a plan persistently pushed for by Martin Kobler, UN Secretary General Representative for Iraq. Concurrent with Iranian regime’s intelligence minister visit to Iraq, Martin Kobler once again underscored that the residents should entrust their property in Ashraf to an Iraqi lawyer.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, in a statement in this regard on April 1, 2013 declared: “Kobler wants that 100 protectors of property in Ashraf leave the property to Iraqi lawyers and rush to Liberty killing field so that in the next step, the murderers would intimidate and push back the Iraqi lawyers. This only exposes Kobler’s collusion in the project of stealing and expropriation of residents’ property and starting another bloodbath.”

Meanwhile, in his report to Khamenei’s Office, Moslehi has underscored that Maliki and his National Security Advisor Faleh Fayyaz, have reassured him that they would treat residents of Camp Liberty in the harshest way.

They also have assured him that they would not allow protective T-walls be returned to CamP Liberty, the area of the camp will not be expanded, construction in the camp would not be allowed and They would will prohibit entry of sandbags as requested by residents to increase the protection against future attacks.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 5, 2013

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