Iranian hunger strikers in Berlin in critical condition

NCRI – Saturday marks the 35th day of hunger strike by supporters of Iranian resistance in Berlin. They demand immediate release of seven Ashraf hostages and providing security for residents of Camp Liberty by the UN.
Some of the hunger strikers are in critical condition. According to medical reports, they have lost weight and are suffering from severe gastrointestinal side effects, hearing impairment and visual problems associated with extreme weakness and dizziness. The hunger strike began on September 1 when the Iraqi forces attacked Camp Ashraf, massacred 52 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and took 7 residents hostages including six women.

Meanwhile, an internal report of the clerical regime state that the Camp Ashraf hostages who have been on hunger strike since their abduction on September 1, have intensified their hunger strike by refusing to drink, as they are faced with the threat of being handed over to the Iranian regime, a NCRI Secretariat statement said.

The report has been sent to the Iranian regime subsequent to interrogation of the hostages in a prison in Baghdad by the torturers from the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence, and its embassy in Baghdad which already had been revealed in a statement by the Secretariat of NCRI on October 2.

The interrogators have threatened the Camp Ashraf hostages with being handed over to the Iranian regime.

Simultaneously, Iranians in the cities of Geneva, London, Ottawa, and Melbourne are also on hunger strike.

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