Iranian Embassy planning to gather agents of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Qods Force at Camp Ashraf on Friday

Camp Ashraf Military Occupation – No. 94

UNAMI representatives to be stationing at Ashraf to prevent bloodshed

In coordination with the Iraqi Prime Ministry’s Committee for Suppression of Camp Ashraf, the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad is arranging a preposterous show to be held on Friday May 6, in the occupied area north of Camp Ashraf, using paid mercenaries of terrorist Qods Force and the infamous Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOI), presented under the guise of “local residents”.

The regime wants to pretend as though the “people of Iraq” support the bloodbath and seek another attack and massacre against Camp Ashraf. This is the regime’s disgraceful ploy facing waves of international condemnation, and in the meantime, its attempt to create further clashes and set the stage to continue bloodshed. This new plot by clerical regime comes at a time that nearly a month has passed since the massacre of Camp Ashraf residents, with the fallacious pretext of retaking farmland, meanwhile, the Iraqi government continues to prevent burial of 35 martyrs of that massacre.

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Danai-far, himself a commander of the Qods Force, has ordered known MOI agents in the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad, such as Nasseri, Nobakht, and Haj-Ali, to spend unlimited amount of money and mobilize Iraqi paid mercenaries to participate in the Friday’s show.

Iranian regime’s known agents: Jabbar al-Maamouri, Nafe Issa, Uday Khadran, Taha Dere’, Mona al-Umairi, Sadiq al-Husseini, and Abu-Mohammad al-Khalesi from Badr 9th Brigade’s and the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) work with the Iranian embassy in this mobilization campaign. Iranian Embassy has asked Badr Brigade and SCIRI to send their operatives, carrying posters and placards, to the scene on Friday so that the hired reporters can provide them with news coverage. In coordination with the Iraqi Prime Ministry, enough busses and vans have been rented to transport regime’s hired mercenaries from al-Nassirya, al-Kout, and elsewhere to Ashraf.

Meanwhile, Hadi al-Ameri, the infamous terrorist, has been assigned to collect signatures from people of Diala Province against Camp Ashraf residents. For this purpose, he has visited the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad several times and has received his orders. His paystub and monthly salary, paid by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, have been previously made public along with the related bank account.

Furthermore, through the Engineering Battalion of Iraq’s 5th Army Division, the Committee for Suppression of Camp Ashraf has constructed several high towers on the embankments to be used during the Friday’s show by their agents. Maliki’s representatives will be present at the scene to supervise and issue the necessary orders.

 Warning about the ominous intentions of the clerical regime and its agents for starting another massacre at Camp Ashraf, the Iranian Resistance asks the UN Secretary General, the Special Representative of Secretary General in Iraq, Mr. Ad Melkert, the American Embassy, U.S. Forces, and the diplomatic community in Iraq, especially representatives of the European Union’s member states to take urgent and preventative steps to counter this shameful and bloody act of warmongering against Ashraf residents on Friday. UNAMI representatives and American forces’ observing team should be stationed there from the night before.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 3, 2011

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