Iran: Zanjan University dean sacked by Ahmadinejad ally

The mullahs’ Minister of Science has dismissed a prominent university professor who chaired the Post-doctorate Physical Sciences University in the city of Zanjan.

Professor Yousef Sobouti was the founder of the current educational accreditation system in Iran and the architect of a famous observatory in the city of Shiraz. The Abu Reyhan Birouni Observatory, which was built in 1978, is the largest active observatory in Iran.

In the past 19 years, Dr. Sobouti has prevented his university from becoming a haven of the Iranian regime’s paramilitary Bassij Force and the intelligence service.

He was dismissed by Kamran Daneshjou, the Iranian regime’s Minister of Science. Daneshjou was the head of Ahmadinejad’s campaign office during the June 2009 sham presidential elections. He famously announced Ahmadinejad’s victory in televised remarks before the votes were counted.

Some media outlets in Iran have repeatedly questioned Daneshjou’s credentials saying that Ahmadinejad appointed him as Minister of Science as a reward for his services during the presidential campaign.

Daneshjou appointed Rasoul Khodabakhsh as the new dean of the Zanjan university, asking him to endeavour to educate “law-abiding students using an outlook respecting values and spirituality.”

According to the state-run Fars news agency on Monday, during Professor Sobouti’s farewell ceremony last night, students demanded that he be allowed to return to the post.

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