Iran: Youths continue confronting repressive forces in Tehran

The Iranian people, particularly the youth in Tehran continued last week to confront the regime’s State Security Forces (Police) and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as they tried to harass, arrest and intimidate the residents.

On many occasions the people thwarted the attempts by the repressive forces to arrest young men and women on various bogus pretexts.


On Thursday afternoon, people clashed with police outside Tehran’s Beheshti metro station. The clash began when police harassed a young vendor and attempted to arrest him.  The passersby confronted the police and managed to release him.

On the evening of Wednesday, August 4, young passengers of a vehicle resisted being arrested by three IRGC members who stopped their vehicle at the Quds sq. They left the scene without being arrested after they punished the repressive IRGC members.

Two young women clashed with a group of female IRGC members outside Tehran’s Prayer House who were harassing them on the pretext  of dressing improperly. The IRGC members fled afte the young women shouted demanding help from people.

On the same day, a young man clashed with the police who attempted to arrest him at Vali-Asr Ave. The police finaly arrested  him and took him to an unknown location.

On August 3, a number of youths clashed with police at Darband Ave. The clash began when the forces started to harass the youths on the excuse of having improper dress and hairstyle. Two of the youths were savagely beaten were transferred to a hospital by the people.

On the same day, in Khazaneh district, the youth clashed with police who were harassing them for their hairstyle.

At Imam-Hossein sq., the youth attacked  the police who had arrested a number of women for so- ‘mal-veiling.’ The police was forced to release the women.

A day earlier, a number of youths clashed with the police patrolling in Tehran’s Sadegieh district. After punishing them, the youths released a young woman who had been arrested.

In Islam-Shahr, suburb of Tehran, a number of youths and their families clashed with and punished the police who were forcibly going on the rooftops of people’s homes to collect setelite dishes.

On Monday, August 2, the peddlers at Teharn’s Bazar clashed with the municipality agents who had attacked them and turned over their peddling tables. The people who were watching the scene supported the peddlers.

Secretariat of the national Council of Resistance of Iran

August 9, 2014

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