Iran: Workers protest demanding unpaid wages

NCRI – Zagros metal workers in the city of Gharveh, Kurdistan, blocked a major street in Sanandaj in anger at insecure working conditions on Sunday, April 6.  The workers held off security forces who attempted to break up their demonstration and insisted protests would continue until their demands are met.

On Saturday, April 5, More than 300 Iranian water and sewage company workers staged a mass protest in the city of Ahwaz in protest at five months of unpaid wages.

On the same day, staff at the industrial group Falat Goharrang staged a march in front of the city council building in Charmahal, Bakhtiary province, in anger at salaries unpaid for three months.

On Saturday, April 5, Sacked soap factory workers in Khoramshahr protested at two years of unpaid salaries and a return to their jobs.

Workers at an excavating company in Rastin, Kurdistan, staged a demonstration on Saturday in front of the company building in Sanandaj in anger at being sacked two months ago.

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