Iran: Workers protest at delayed wages and redundancies

The 250 Workers at the Lushan cement factory staged a protest at administrative corruption and four-months of unpaid wages on January 5.

Workers at the Kamyab sugar cube factory in the city of Khomeini Shahr in Isfahan also staged a protest on January 5 at the failure of their employer and province officials to improve conditions at the factory, at the ongoing halt in production and at delayed wages. The factory’s 150 laborers believe lack of production is placing their jobs at risk.

Transportation and kitchen employees at the Parsian gas refinery in the city of Mehr, Fars Province, staged a protest on January 1 at low wages, and demanded extra pay for hard labor and for working in harsh weather conditions.

Garden owners in Damavand, Tehran, staged a rally outside the regime’s municipality office on January 1 to protest at the illegal construction by the regime’s officials and destruction of their gardens, where the mayor and his agents have received huge bribes from building contractors to gain permits to build apartments, leading to many Damavand gardens being destroyed.

Private taxi drivers of the city of Esfarayen, in Isfahan, have gathered in protest at their fuel quota and fares, which are lower than public transportation taxis. They demanded that the municipality address the issue that they are forced to purchase fuel at a cost of 700 Tomans per liter.

Despite freezing weather in the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, more than 100 sacked cement factory in the city of Shahrekord staged a protest at their forced redundancies. Security forces forced the protesters to disperse when they attacked them with batons.

More than 150 workers of the Iran Tire rubber production company in Tehran staged a second protest on December 27 at job losses resulting from the closure of the company.

And 250 workers of the Sea Star Company in the city of Bandar Abbas protested at non-payment of wages and pensions for four months.

Retired workers of the Sangrud West Alborz Mine staged a demonstration outside the city’s Retirement Office, while residents of the wealthy town of Kan, in Tehran, protested against the dilapidated state of parks and recreation centers.

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