Iran: Woman prisoner lashed and hanged in latest savage execution

NCRI – A woman prisoner was lashed 100 times until she bled before being hanged in the latest brutal execution in Iran.

Giti Marami, 34 – the mother of one daughter – was whipped then put to death at Varamin Gharechak prison on Wednesday, May 21.

He husband is also on death row after spending 13 years in prison, according to reports.

Six other prisoners have also been hanged between May 18 to 21 – two in the city of Hamedan, two more accused of spying and named as Kourosh and Mohammad Heydari in Tehran’s Evin prison, another named as 35-year-old Allahnazar Shibak in south-eastern Iran’s Zahedan Central prison, and one in Khorram-abad prison in western Iran.

The spate of state-sponsored killings comes as Fars province State Security commander Sirous Sajjadian announced on May 21 the implementation of the repressive ‘Promotion of Public Security Plan’ – part of a massive crackdown on civil liberties ahead of the June election.

Sajjadian warned: “Those who threaten public order and security, thugs, drug dealers and improperly veiled women will be harshly dealt with.”

Arrests and executions of opponents of the regime on the pretext of being ‘thugs’ or ‘drug dealers’ has been commonplace in the dictatorship for more than three decades.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
May 24, 2013

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