Iran will soon face a water shortage crisis

NCRI – Iran under mullahs’ rule will soon face a water shortage crisis, an official of Iranian regime has warned.

On Tuesday April 14, Alireza Daemi, Iranian regime’s deputy energy citing official figures said “Every year the situation in Iran will become more difficult.”

According to Daemi, in 1960 six thousand cubic meters of water were available per person but in 1990 it was reduced to two thousand cubic meters per person.

Accordingly, the availability of water will reach one thousand cubic meters per person in 2025.

He predicted that in the next 20 years water availability will be reduced to one quarter.

In late February in province of Isfahan, over 400 protesters were injured as the State Security Forces attacked a peaceful gathering of farmers protesting water shortages in the area.

The former head of Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard warned in his website in March that the farmers’ protests over water shortages could trigger a massive social uprising that could threaten the stability of the regime

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