Iran: Three weeks on, the fate of political prisoners on hunger strike still unknown

Almost three weeks into a hunger strike launched by political prisoners in Ward 350 of the notorious Evin in Tehran, a lawyer for two of them says it is unclear how many are still continuing their strike after 20 days.

The strike was launched in protest to the transfer of the prisoners to solitary confinement as well as to the cruel treatments of political prisoners by guards.

In an interview with German radio Deutsche Welle, the lawyer, Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh, said other lawyers are unaware of the situation of their clients and families have written a letter demanding an opportunity to meet with their detained loved ones.

Ms. Sotoudeh said she represents Messrs Keyvan Samimi and Zia Nabavi. She told the German radio, “In view of the two prisoners’ lengthy hunger strike, it is natural for me to express worry about their health. There have been no phone calls or any credible information about these prisoners. We don’t know if they have ended their strike or if they are in good health or not.”

Ms. Sotoudeh added, “Zia Nabavi’s family visited my office and said their attempts to make inquiries at Evin prison or from judiciary officials have led to no where, and they face a continued threat of detention as well as insults and other forms of abusive behavior.”

“Regrettably, the prison is not allowing lawyers to meet with political prisoners. Moreover, none of my attempts to contact the Tehran prosecutor about my clients have been successful,” Ms. Sotoudeh added.

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