Iran: Third victim targeted in fatal attacks on doctors

A series of fatal attacks by the Iranian regime’s criminal factions against Iranian doctors has left a third physician in hospital after she was stabbed multiple times by unidentified attackers, according to a news website in Iran.

On Monday, state-run website Fararou reported that Dr. Parvaneh Moshtaq was attacked at her residence by an unidentified intruder wearing a ski mask and gloves. The assailant stabbed her five times before fleeing the scene.


The doctor was taken to a hospital and is now undergoing surgery, her husband said.

The latest incident comes after two other doctors were mysteriously killed in Tehran.

Last week, state-run news agencies reported the two doctors were found dead in the capital on two consecutive nights.

One of the victims, identified as Dr. Soudbakhsh, was a specialist on infectious diseases and a member of the University of Tehran’s faculty of medicine.

Dr. Soudbakhsh reportedly had information about the crimes the regime had committed in a notorious detention center known as “Kahrizak death camp.”

During the 2009 anti-regime uprisings, suppressive forces arrested and transferred a large number of protestors to the detention center. Subsequently, news emerged that some of the detainees had died under brutal torture.

The doctor was shot as he was leaving his residence on Tuesday at 9 PM local time. The culprits reportedly left the scene on a motorbike and the victim died before reaching the hospital.

A day later, a heart specialist, Dr. Gholamreza Sorabi, was shot in the abdomen and chest areas while leaving his office. He died in hospital shortly thereafter on Friday.

Last week, clerical regime officials tried to reject links between the first two murders. The Mehr news agency, which is affiliated with the regime’s intelligence ministry, quoted a Tehran deputy commander of State Security Forces as saying, “We hope that these incidents are not linked, and so far no link has been established between the two.”

The deputy speaker of the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) and head of the mullahs’ Coroner’s Office, Shahaboddin Sadr, also tried to put to rest suspicions about the first two murders by claiming, “It is possible that these killings are part of a plan to harm some physicians, but there can really be no conclusions reached until the judiciary and State Security Forces complete their investigations.”

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