Iran: Tehran university students expelled as regime fears election protests

NCRI – Dozens of students have been expelled from Tehran University in recent weeks – as rulers panic over youth-lead protests during the forthcoming June election.

Those students ejected from the university were also told they would be barred from higher education forever if they revealed they had been dismissed, according to reports received from Iran.

Before the expulsions, the education ministry had tried to lower the number of students in the capital by changing the curriculum and holding early exams, thus returning them to their home towns.

But the level of protests at the move forced the ministry to back-track, and it is now using threats to silence them instead.

The ministry’s actions are not only limited to the students but also include faculty members and professors – some of whom have been barred without reason from attending classes.

The regime has set up cyberspace bases to monitor and control Facebook and other social networks. Internet bandwidth has also been cut and video calls on G3 mobile phones have been disconnected.

Arrests of young with no criminal record but now branded ‘thugs’ has also increased sharply in recent weeks.

The new round of social repression under the pretext of a ‘public security plan’ – similar to that of 2007 – is now in force in towns and cities across Iran.

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