Iran: Suppressive “Public Security Plan” is launched

NCRI – The Iranian regime have began to implement the infamous “Public Security Plan,”  the deputy chief of the State Security Forces in Central Province has announced.

Iraj Kakavand whose remarks were reported by state-run Media on Saturday (Feb 23) said: “In line with developing the security towards the end of the year (Iranian year ends on March 20).

“The Public Security Plan will be carried out in all cities over the country,” he added. “The Public Security Plan” which is used by the regime to suppress people, was initially launched in April 2007.  The police arrested dozens of people  on  the pretext of being “thugs” to increase public security.

The people arrested were sometimes beaten on camera in front of neighborhood inhabitants, or forced to wear hanging watering cans used for lavatory ablutions around their necks to humiliate them.

In one case the arrested people included a young Iranian who was previously arrested during Iran student demonstrations and had no criminal record.

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