Iran: Suppressive forces attack and arrest youth in Tehran on bogus charges

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) attacked youths and passersby in Tehran’s Narmak and Tehran Pars districts, according to reports on Monday, arresting more than 50 people under the pretexts of “mal-veiling” and as “hooligans and thugs.”

SSF forces went on alert on Monday afternoon in Narmak, Haft Hoz, and Javadieh streets in Tehran Pars, patrolling the areas and arresting and beating passersby. Youths, however, resisted the violent attack and clashes ensued. SSF forces fired tear gas to combat the protests.

In Haft Hoz street, a number of young girls were arrested for “mal-veiling.” Motorcycle riders were also attacked and a number of them were arrested and later transferred to the police station in Haft Hoz.

On Sunday, there were reports of several hours of clashes between people and the regime’s suppressive forces, with gun shots being heard, in the southern Tehran district of Ghiasi.

A number of pictures have in recent days been published on the Internet showing the suppressive agents’ attacks against youths in Iran.

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