Iran: students brace for anti-regime protests on Student Day

Student associations and activists at Iranian universities are preparing for protests on December 7, Student Day, by releasing statements urging others to join the planned protests, Deutsche Welle Farsi reported on Friday.

The statements lambast the Iranian regime’s repressive policies and cruelty against Iranian citizens and the student population, pointing to widespread arrests and attacks by the mullahs’ security forces on the country’s campuses.

One statement by students at Tehran’s Khajeh Nasir University recalls the regime’s barbaric measures against extensive uprisings after June 2009, saying, “Our memories have been tarnished by images of our friends being thrown off balconies, broken doors and windows, bullets, batons, tear gas, smoke, and friends whose blood has been shed, those who have been wounded, and others jailed or under torture.”

Students at the Free University in Tehran remembers in a separate statement the painful memories of the killing of their friends Ashkan Sohrabi and Amir Javadifar during the 2009 uprisings at the hands of the regime’s suppressive forces.

“(This month) is reminiscent of years of student struggle in this land against tyranny and terror. This month has a day named after us, the students,” the statement said, adding that the struggle will continue.

In addition to anger towards the clerical regime, the declarations also portray a sense of resolve on behalf of the students, as they vow to stand firm in search of democracy as well as working to free their imprisoned colleagues.

Reports indicate that over 90 prominent students have been imprisoned by the clerical regime since the June 2009 uprisings, according to Daneshjou News.

Babol’s Noshirvani University students called for the release of three of their friends, warning the regime to “free our classmates and stop being vengeful and arrogant.”

The students at the University of Tehran expressed hope that on Student Day “the (politically) conscious students will actively participate in protests to press on with their legitimate demands.”

At Amir Kabir University, students called on their colleagues to join in the protests on December 7 to “shout out together that the university is alive.”

December 7, known as Student Day in Iran, is the anniversary of the murder of three University of Tehran students in 1953. The anniversary has turned into an annual practice of expressing opposition to the clerical regime by students at various universities in Iran.

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