Iran still seeking nuclear bomb technology as talks with West continue

The Iranian regime has been ‘criminally’ seeking components for its nuclear program in Germany even as talks with the West about halting the regime’s nuclear activities continue, German customs have revealed.

The German custom’s criminal investigation unit (CCC) says Iran sought technology that could be used in the production of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and missile systems, German daily Der Tagesspiegel reported.

ZKA president Norbert Drude said: “We continue to observe criminal nuclear proliferation activity.”

And amid 264 CCC investigations into violations of the Foreign Trade Act in the past two years, ‘more than two-thirds’ involved Iran, Mr Drude said.

He added: “The number of investigations for the current year is expected to move in a similar order of magnitude to the two previous years.”

Investigators also looked in the export of so-called dual-use goods that can be used for civil and military applications, the CCC said.

The new cases are particularly controversial since the end of 2013 Iran has been officially negotiating with the 5 + 1 group – the five UN veto powers plus Germany – over an end to economic sanctions in exchange for the regime curbing its nuclear program.

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