Iran: SSF commander concerned over US sanctions for rights abuses

The commander of the Iranian regime’s suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) reacted nervously on Friday about a US decision to slap sanctions on eight regime officials for human rights abuses.

Speaking at the clerical regime’s Friday Prayers sermon, Esmail Ahmadi Moqaddam said that Washington’s latest measure aims to help “forces of sedition,” state-run Fars news agency reported.

Ahmadi Moqaddam added, “The US President has named several officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and says these individuals cannot enter the US and their assets will be frozen.”

On Wednesday, the US government slapped financial and travel sanctions on eight of the regime’s officials responsible for committing human rights violations.

Recalling the massive popular protests last year against the regime, the mullahs’ SSF chief, who labeled the protests “sedition,” said, “There are still remnants of last year’s political sedition, adopting other forms like an economic sedition, by which some may try to promote strikes and closures.”

He added, “Last year’s sedition preoccupied the SSF with confronting a riot directed by foreigners, and sadly, some of our dear people were deceived, confronting the state or parts of it.”

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