Iran: Six Sufi Muslim dervishes arrested in Sarvestan

Six Sufi Muslims of the Nematollahi Gonabadi order have been arrested by the Iranian regime, according to the Majzouban-e Nour website. They were interrogated for about five hours and handed over to the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS).

According to the website, on Wednesday morning, six dervishes residing in Sarvestan appeared in the regime’s judiciary office with their lawyers after receiving a summoning letter on Sunday. They were identified as Messrs Esmail (Hadi) Rahmanian, Farzad Darvish Sarvestani, Ali Akbar Ebrahimzadeh, Heydar Esparjani, Reza Sabet Peyman and Keramatollah Mohit.

They were charged with “insulting sanctities and disturbing public order through gathering in front of the governorate and destroying government property.” The regime official presiding over the proceedings was Alireza Asadi, who ordered that investigations should remain confidential. He also prevented the entry of the defendants’ lawyers. In protest, three of the dervishes refused to answer any questions and remained silent.

The six were then transferred to a prison after a five-hour interrogation session.

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