Iran: Senior-ranking mullah confesses to women’s resistance against the regime

A regime-affiliated cleric confessed to the Iranian women’s resistance against the regime’s agents on Wednesday, suggesting that suppressing women under the guise of “mal-veiling” is fruitless, according to the state-run Tabnak website.

Makaram Shirazi said, “Dealing with mal-veiling through harsh methods is not effective.” He added, “A cultural program and raising awareness is the most effective way in this regard.”

He also pointed to the Iranian women’s resistance against the regime’s misogynist policies, saying, “Calls for free clothing come from western-influenced individuals. Officials must focus their energy on fighting mal-veiling so that they do not get blamed by people for having shortcomings or defending liberal ethics.”

Shirazi also said, “Free veiling, freedom to drink alcohol, prostitution, usury and other sins would create a situation wherein an Islamic society cannot exist.”

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