Iran: Senior IRGC official warns of possible uprising during election

NCRI – The Iranian regime may not be able to control a mass uprising during the presidential election if it spread from Tehran to cities around the regime, a senior Revolutionary Guards official has warned.

Rasool Sanaeirad – the head of the IRGC’s political bureau – said a ‘Russian-style’ uprising across the country could leave security forces thinly spread and ineffective.

He told the state-run Fars news agency on Saturday: “The eleventh election is multilayered with unpredictable reults.”

Sanaeirad said: “One possible implication of this could be an uprising on the Russian model in Tehran and which spreads to other cities.

“In the 2009 uprising, the sedition occurred in Tehran and the security forces were organized and concentrated in the city and were able to control the situation.

“But if the riots had spread to other cities, the situation would have been different because the forces would be scattered.”

Sanaeirad added: “And besides the domestic issues, there are external factors that influence the election.

“On one hand, we have an Islamic awakening which started with the Islamic Revolution, but global arrogance is trying to undermine this and it has been successful to some extent.

“In a country like Egypt, there was some convergence with Iran at the beginning of our victory, but now some in this country are saying that Arab nations should not follow Iran’s model, because they do not want similar Islamic revolutions in other countries.”

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