Iran: Senior cleric urges tougher enforcement of women dress code at universities

NCRI – A senior cleric in Iran urged much tougher measures and restriction to be imposed on women in streets, universities and state institutions.

Speaking in Tehran’s weekly so-called Friday Prayers, Ali Jannati urged the authorities to check female students clothing at the university gates and to grade students based on their clothing.

Tehran’s Friday Prayer orator said: “why is it that female students who want to study take off their Islamic dress after they enter the university and taint themselves? Student wants a good grade and does anything for it. ” “If her veiling is bad, don’t let her into the university and let her feel it in her grade. This is not troublesome. Start here! If you put someone at the university gate and tells students that if they don’t observe proper veiling it would affect their grades, they would certainly pay heed.”

Janati urged more action on enforcing the dress code for women and said: “Implementing this law in the streets and markets is difficult but can be done. It is difficult in the beach but it is not impossible. However, it is easy in universities and government institutions.”

It is years that mullahs ruling Iran have been conducting various street patrols on the pretext of imposing dress code to spread atmosphere of fear and terror in the society through harassing women and girls.

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