Iran: Regime officials acknowledge sale of children in Iran

An Iranian regime’s official acknowledged the catastrophe of sale of children in the Iran under the rule of the mullahs.

Mohammad-taqi Hosseini, Deputy of Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, stated: “The phenomenon of street workers became prevalent in the country in the 2000s. The street workers children is a context that encompasses various groups of children who whether they like it or not are compelled to spend part or their whole lives on the streets.” He said: “Most of the children bought and sold have no birth certificates.”

Hosseini added: “Some of these children are sold as soon as they are born because their parents are addicts, or the marriage has been illegitimate, or they have been abducted from maternities. These children come to the streets at the age of three.

“The second group is the children who appear in the streets at the ages of 6 thru 14 out of the poverty of their families.

“The third group is the youngsters who have either been sold when they were a child or came to the streets for other reasons and they do thievery, rob wallets, etc.”

Speaking on the report about children in Darvazeh Ghar district of of Tehran, Hosseini said: “Out of the poverty of their families, these children are left at the disposal of others. This phenomenon exists since birth, especially in the addicts who use dangerous drugs such as glass who are prepared to sell their children at a very low price.”

He went on to add: “Some young girls live without any birth certificate or identity card and they are raped and become infected with dangerous diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis. Some of them sell narcotics and they really don’t know who their parents are.”

The sale of children is a direct result of unemployment, poverty, addiction and moral corruption that are all the consequences of 35 years of the rule of mullahs regime in Iran.

A member of regime’s Majlis said that the percentage of addiction in country’s schools stands at 25% (Hamshahri – February 28).

According to the Statistics Center of Iran, the rate of abandoning school by pupils in the Persian year 139–13901 (2011-2012) was at least 37% and 7,135,000 Iranian pupils have left school (Aftab state-run website –26 September 2011).

A large number of these children become victims of the bands that trade children, gangs that sell narcotics, or at best they are used as children laborers.

Education Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 11, 2014

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