Iran regime holds a three-day show against Ashraf residents, intensifies psychological pressures

The Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad and its Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have tasked their agents in Iraq to escalate plots and pressures against Camp Ashraf residents. The measures are taking place in reaction to the widespread support of people of Iraqi Diyala province, where Ahraf is located.  This is while the campaign of psychological torture and pressures against Ashraf residents has entered its 8th month and the inhuman siege of the camp has been going on for the past 20 months.


One such measure was to set up a three-day exhibition that was held from September 16 to 19 in the city of Khalis, (20 km From Camp Ashraf), presenting fabricated propaganda material against the residents. The exhibition was run by Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad, MOIS agents and Iraqi agents of the regime.

Many embassy staff took part in the event posing as journalists. By promising to give gifts and money, the so-called reporters were trying to gather false complaints against Ashraf residents. They also promised to do their utmost to get the PMOI members residing in Ashraf to pay them damages. Most of these agents were not able to speak Arabic and spoke through translators.

The exhibition and demonstration that was held on its final day on September 19 that turned into a fiasco, was intended to pretend as if the inhabitants of Diyala want Ashraf residents out. AKANews, an Iraqi news website, reported on Wednesday: “The exhibition is held while some 480,000 residents of Diyala province expressed their support for Camp Ashraf residents last June and condemned the regime’s ploys against them.”

Despite extensive efforts by the regime’s embassy, MOIS and their Iraqi agents, the exhibition was widely ignored by the people. As soon as they realized that the show had been organized by the regime, Diyala residents left the exhibition.

The main figure in running the show was the governor of Khalis, Odei Khadhran, who is a well known agent of the mullahs’ regime in that city. In his opening speech, he accused Ashraf residents of killing innocent people and called for their expulsion from Iraq as soon as possible.

Khadhran had previously infiltrated a number of Iranian regime’s agents into the Iraqi Army. He was briefly dismissed from his post and placed on house arrest. Later, through the effort by the Iranian regime, he was reinstated. Upon the order of the Iranian regime, he has organized a number of protests against Ashraf in Khalis funded by the regime.

Another individual involved is Jabar Odeh al-Maamouri from the terrorist Quds force who is a veteran member of the Nine Badr Brigade. He had spent 27 years in Iran. He was recruited by the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in 1980s.  During the exhibition, he visited the regime’s embassy everyday to hand over bills, collect funds for the expenses of the exhibition and the gifts distributed.

Another agent who was involved is Ali Al-Zahiri, head of the support council of Khalis. He travelled to Iran last August to be briefed by the MOIS in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah and he was assigned to carry out missions against Ashraf. MOIS provided him with large sums of money to distribute among agents who were involved in the exhibition.

The reporters, majority of whom were agents of the Iranian regime, were promised large sums for their participation in the event. As the reporters entered, they were each given 50 dollars. Many left the scene in protest to the low pay.

On the first day of the exhibition, a large number of MIOS published booklets and CDs against the PMOI were distributed among the local population. Most of these propaganda material were thrown out.

Simultaneously, the MIOS agents posing as families of Ashraf residents, who had been stationed at the camp’s entrance for the past eight months with the full support of the Iraqi forces, mounted ten more powerful loudspeakers at the camp’s gate on Saturday to intensify the psychological pressure on the residents and further deprive them of peace. Moreover, according to the reports obtained from inside Iran, more MOIS agents posing as relatives of Ashraf residents have been dispatched to replace the previous group of agents.

In addition, on Thursday, contrary to the internationally recognized norms and Iraq’s own law, the Iraqi forces did not permit an investigator from Khalis court to enter Ashraf to look into complaints by the camp residents against MOIS and Iraqi agents.

The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Iraq and the American officials and military commanders in that country to the Iranian regime’s plots intended to lay the ground work for a new round of suppressive measures and attacks against Ashraf residents. It also urges the UNAMI monitoring team and American forces to be stationed inside Ashraf to forestall a new massacre.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 19, 2010



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