Iran regime agents hurl stones at Ashraf residents, injuring 108 including 55 women

Assault on Ashraf – No. 3

Around noon today, the paid agents who were assembled by the Iranian regime’s embassy and the committee from the Iraqi prime ministry at the southern flank of Ashraf started hurling stones, bottles and sharp-edged objects into Ashraf injuring 108 residents including 55 women.

In a bid to distort the fact, the regime resorted to a ridiculous lie broadcasted by its Arabic language TV known as Al-Alam saying that the residents of Ashraf who are “armed” have attacked demonstrators and reporters by stone and injured some of them. The prime ministry committee in charge of suppression of Ashraf has sent Omar Khalid, the Iraqi director of the occupied hospital of Ashraf, to see the agents claiming to have been injured.

It is reminded that Sadeq Kazem, the person who ordered shooting of Ashraf residents in July 2009, is commanding the agents assembled outside Ashraf today.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 7, 2011

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