Iran Protests – Latest

November 24: More than 70 workers of the South Pars Complex in the city of Asaluyeh protested at the decrease and non-payment of salaries and broken promises of the executive director.

Labor activists also staged a protest outside the Labor Ministry in anger at anti-labor laws and the reduction of salaries. They held placards reading, ‘One day’s salary for a parliament representative = one month salary for a laborer’ and ‘Poverty line is 500,000 = salary of a laborer 389,000’. Two activists were arrested during the protest in clashes with state security forces.

November 26: Around 800 workers of the Chadermlou mine in the city of Ardakan, Fars Province, gathered to protest at the unfair payment of wages and expulsion of three laborers.

November 28: Rail workers in the city of Ahwaz staged their latest protest outside the company headquarters in anger at five months of unpaid wages.

November 29: Thousands of residents in Saman, in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, formed a human chain to protest at water being diverted from the Zayandeh Rood River for the construction of a canal.

Workers at the Pars Qou Vegetable Oil Factory in Tehran protested against a new company manager’s policy for calculating and distributing salaries, which has lead to lower pay and delayed wages.

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