Iran: Prisoners refuse guards’ bid to make them drug addicts

NCRI – Prisoners jailed in the Iranian city of Minab have refused demands to addict themselves to drugs being handed out by officials.

Prison security forces handed out medication, some contained within cigarettes, to deliberately create drug habits among the inmates.

The drugs, usually only prescribed by the prison clinic to those already heavily addicted, are said to cause delusions, psychological trauma, muscle contraction and anxiety. Prisoners united to refuse to take the medication and urged all inmates to refuse it and do physical work and exercise instead.

Meanwhile, prison guards are frequently subjecting inmates to cell raids and body searches, destroying their personal belonging and confiscating their property.

Minab is located near Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan Province, known to have some of the harshest prison conditions in the country.

In Bandar Abbas, around 4,000 inmates are currently crammed into a prison designed for only 400 inmates, turning the facility into what has been described as a ‘death camp’.

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