Iran: Prisoners attacked aimed to eliminate them

On September 5, officials of Gohardasht prison, eastern Tehran, attacked Mr. Saleh Kohandel, a political prisoner in Ward 4, in order to strangle him. Thanks to the intervention of other prisoners, he was saved from certain death.

Also on Monday, September 6, in a bloody brawl in Ward 1 initiated by dangerous prisoners instigated by the regime, at least seven prisoners were seriously injured. Four of them had to be hospitalized outside the prison. A prisoner, identified as Javad Zare, was badly wounded with dagger and one of his eyes had to be removed in prison hospital.


On September 7, Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani of Ward 6 of the same prison was seriously wounded in the left eye and left hand by thugs recruited by the regime. He is being refused any medical attention. He was a victim of this vicious assault because he had supported the political prisoners and his association with them. In 2008, he was arrested with his entire family. Accused of confrontation with security forces, he was sentenced to death. His brother Hussein, 33, died under torture in prison. The regime’s agents have forced his mother to sign a paper saying that her son had died of kidney complications and she would not complain.

Incarcerating political prisoners with dangerous prisoners and make them the target of ferocious attacks to eliminate them are common methods in detention centers of the regime. These attacks are planned and directed entirely by the authorities. Ali Haj Kazem, governor of Gohardasht prison, his deputy Ali Mohammadi, director of security and prison intelligence Kermani, and Faraji and his assistant are some of the regime’s henchmen involved in these atrocities.

During these attacks, the guards shut the gates of the wards so that the thugs can beat the prisoners to death. In the end, the Revolutionary Guards collect the corpses. None of the assailants would ever be interrogated for their crimes.

While cautioning against the regime’s plots to eliminate political prisoners, the Iranian Resistance calls for urgent international intervention to save them.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 10, 2010

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