Iran: Prisoner sentenced to death in Bushehr

The clerical regime has sentenced a prisoner to death in the southern province of Boushehr. Amir Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani is a member of a well-known family in Bushehr who along with his brother was arrested two years ago during a violent raid by the regime for beating and killing an agent of the State Security Forces (SSF) and carrying a weapon. During the violent SSF raid, the mother of the family, Ms. Soudabeh Shadpour, 50, was shot in the neck.

Amir’s brother, Hossein, died under torture on July 27, 2008, while in prison about a month after his arrest.

According to obtained reports, Mr. Tavakoli Borazjani is being held at Gohardasht prison and is being subjected to torture. He is known to rise up in defense of prisoners against attacks by guards, which leads to his torture.

Regime intelligence agents have reportedly visited the Tavakoli Borazjani family threatening them not to reveal the facts of their son’s case in court.

The judge who sentenced Amir Abbas to death is identified as Nourollah Azizi who according to his own admissions in the regime’s media has signed the death sentences of 3,500 people


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