Iran: Prisoner dies suspiciously a day before his release

NCRI – On Monday June 24, 2013, a Baluchi prisoner, Aliraza Shahbakhsh, 23, suspiciously passed away in Zahedan prison a day before his release. In order to cloak this murder in secrecy, the clerical regime disconnected all prisoners’ connections for five days.

Aliraza Shahbakhsh had been arrested at age 16 for alleged killing of son of Abdulmajid Nodyzehi, an IRGC commander. After 7 years of imprisonment, Alireza was supposed to be released on Tuesday, June 24, after being proved to be innocent.

Abdulmajid Nodyzehi is hated by the people of the region for his crimes and direct role in execution and assassination of Baluchi minorities.

On June 20, 2013, Afshin Osanlou, 42, a political prisoner and a labor activist, suddenly and suspiciously died in saloon number 12 of ward 4 of Gohardasht Prison in the city of Karaj. He suspiciously passed away while he was to be released in few months after 5 years of imprisonment.

After his death, General Director of prisons in Tehran province falsely claimed that Mr. Osanlou died as a result of heart attack in hospital in Gohardasht, Karaj. (ISNA State News Agency- June 22, 2013), but according to hospital’s authorities he had already been died before his transfer to the hospital.

He had been arrested on December 2009 solely because of his syndicate activities and defending of worker’s rights. He had suffered severe tortures for a long time and signs of torture could be seen on his body.

Secretariat of the National C

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