Iran: Prisoner abuses continue ahead of regime election

NCRI – The Iranian regime is stepping up its brutal abuses of political prisoners ahead of the presidential election, new reports have revealed.

In one of several horrific examples, seriously ill political prisoner and relative of Camp Liberty residents Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi was told by intelligence agents he could only be taken to hospital if he was handcuffed and chained – a humiliation which he refused to be subjected to.

Prisoner Kobra Amirkhizi, the mother of two Camp Liberty residents, has been prescribed surgery for failing eyesight, but has also been refused treatment by the intelligence ministry.

And cancer sufferer Ali Moezzi, a political prisoner and the father of two Liberty residents, was transferred from Evin prison to hospital for treatment several months ago, but no treatment was given and he has now been banned from receiving hospital treatment again.

Other seriously ill prisoners have also been returned from hospital to prison without completing treatment, according to reports.

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