Iran: Political prisoner recounts torture and abuse in letter from prison

An Iranian political prisoner has sent out a letter from prison revealing the Iranian ?regime’s attempts to fabricate a case against him as well as his days under severe torture, ?according to Rahana news agency.?

Seyyed Sami Hosseini is currently being held at Oroumieh Prison, northwestern Iran, and ?is sentenced to death. ?

In the letter, the political prisoner introduces himself as “a welder and the son of a ?villager.”?

?“I was arrested on June 4, 2008, initially taken to the intelligence ministry office in the ?city of Salmas, where I endured some of the most severe tortures for 6-7 days.”?

He added that regime officials fabricated a case against him and his friend, Jamaloddin ?Mohammadi, and sentenced the two to death by relying on “fictitious witnesses claimed ?to exist by the intelligence office and the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Khoi, whom we ?never even meet.”?

?“They claim that a bomb exploded on July 19, 2008, but both of us were in the custody ?of the intelligence office in Oroumieh 44 days prior to that date.”?

This shows that the “regime’s intelligence ministry brought a situation onto itself that it ?could no longer avoid and that is why they feel the need to announce someone as the ?culprit,” the letter said.?

The letter also said that Mr. Hosseini wants to “expose the current ruling system in Iran,” ?adding, “I want you to know what is really happening in the present Iranian society at ?large and the prisons in particular. Imagine what toll such pressures and suppressive acts ?have taken on the Iranian people.”?

Hosseini called on all international organizations, the UN Secretary General, Human ?Rights Watch, and the European Court of Human Rights to review his case and to ?condemn the regime’s crimes.

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