Iran: Political prisoner recounts grueling tale of life in prison

A political prisoner has leaked out a letter exposing a number of the heinous crimes committed in Iran’s Gohardasht prison by the clerical dictatorship as well as the horrid prison conditions.

In his letter, Saleh Kohandel writes, “I am currently calling out from the depths of the hell-like Gohardasht prison to the awaken conscience of humanity.”

“Currently, there is a hundred square meters of space for 250 people and hundreds of prisoners are forced to sleep pressed against one another or even on top of each other. There is about 40-50 new prisoners on a daily basis. They are deprived of the most basic necessities.”

The letter also refers to a lack of rudimentary medical and hygiene requirements, citing bugs and insects in prison and toilets that are not operational.

Kohandel told human rights organizations, “Prisoners in here do not even enjoy as much rights as the animals do. The term ‘hygiene’ in here is just an imagination and the most dangerous illnesses are easily passed around among prisoners.” 

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