International Activities of the Iranian Resistance to Support the Protests and Uprising in Iran

By Staff Writer

Iranians in Canada and different European countries, expressed their solidarity wth the protesters and uprisers in Iran, by holding rallies and demonstrations. The latest of this series was held in Amsterdam, Gothenburg,Vienna, Toronto, Copenhagen, Ottawa.

VIENNA, Austria. A number of the supporters of Iranian Resistance, expressed their solidarity with the uprising inside Iran by holding a demonstration in city center, they carried banners reading: I will overthrow the regime.

MONTREAL, Canada. Supporters of the Iranian Resistance expressed their solidartiy with the uprising of the Iranian people by holding a gatheing in the city center.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Supporters of the Iranian Resistance, held a demonstration in the city center and expressed their support and solidarity with nationwide protests in Iran, they chanted: The slogan of every Iranian is, Death to Khamenei and Rouhani.