majority of San Marino parliament support for NCRI and Free Iran Rally on June 30
majority of San Marino parliament support for NCRI and Free Iran Rally on June 30

By Staff Writer

The majority of San Marino’s parliament, who make up this country’s government, recently declared their solidarity with the people of Iran, who in their ongoing protests are demanding the subversion of the governing regime, the establishment of freedom in the country, as well as the peace and safety of the Middle East.

In a written statement, the members of San Marino’s parliament also expressed their support for NCRI’s upcoming “Free Iran” rally which is going to take place in Paris on 30th June; as well as for the 10-point plan of the head of this council, Maryam Rajavi; parliamentarians also asked for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) to be officially recognised as an Alternative to Iran’s current regime.

Amongst the signatories of this statement were 3 current and 2 former chairmen of the parliament (who make up most of the government), the head of San Marino’s Council in Europe, and the secretary of the Social Democratic Left Party.

The statement of San Marino’s Parliament reads as follows:

A call for a ‘free Iran’

It’s been nearly 4 decades since the religious and dictator regime of Iran began its severe and ongoing violations of human rights.

More than 120,000 democracy and human rights activists have been arrested and violently tortured or executed, along with some of their family members. In summer 1988 for instance, more than 30,000 political prisoners were publicly hanged in under two months, only because they objected the religious dictatorship of the regime and supported the Alternative, i.e., People’s Mujahedin of Iran, instead. Amnesty International describes this massacre as an obvious crime against humanity and calls for those behind it to face justice.

According to the United Nations, Iran’s regime has broken the world record in hanging its own citizens.

In January 2018, the world witnessed the oppressed people of Iran protesting across 140 cities over two months. They were heard chanting for democracy as well as an end to regime’s terrorism and warmongering. Here at the parliament of the Republic of San Marino, we declare our solidarity with these protestors.

Things have changed in Iran. People have risen against the regime, to demand their freedom in the country, and their peace and safety in the region.

We encourage the European governments and the all other societies to base their interactions with Iran’s regime, on the condition that it ceases arresting, torturing, and hanging its opposers as well as its promotion of terrorism and warmongering in the region.

We hereby declare our support for the upcoming rally of Iranians in Paris on 30th June, and acknowledge NCRI as an official alternative to the regime.

We are also in favour of the 10-point plan of the head of NCRI, Ms Maryam Rajavi, who aims to establish a democratic republic in Iran, free of hanging and execution; where religion will be separate from the government; equality will be maintained between different ethnicities, genders, and religions; where there won’t be any pursuits of a nuclear kind; and where people can live with peace, in alignment with international laws.

We support democracy, development, and progress in Iran and other societies alike.

The Republic of San Marino, June 2018